Johnny Lema's Fireworks of Angola Indiana



200 Tube Preloaded ArtilleryFive color shots to choose from. Gold Crackling Palm, Red Peony with silver Glitter Pistil, Gold Wave to Red, Yellow Peony with blue Pistil, Green Chr
300 Tube Preloaded ArtillerySix different color shots to choose among: Red White Blue Peony - Red Green Yellow Shuttle - Blue to Green Peony - Orange Peony with Blue Pistil - Pur
400 Tube Preloaded ArtillerySix assorted color shots to choose from: Silver Glitter with Red Pistil - Big Loud Time - Red Green Yellow Crossette - Yellow Peony with 8 Reports Pis
1 Inch Mini Thunder shellsAssorted 1 inch mini shells.
American Chief Shells12 Assorted Huge Bursts!
Armed And Dangerous 72 Shot Artillery ShellsGreat assortment of single-break, double-break, triple-break, and canister shells. Same shells that are in Mega Pyro Pro 48 Shot set. Approximately 10
Bing Bang Boom Artillery Shells, 3-break each6 Assorted Triple-Break shells. Note: Watch a video of this product contains both Quad Squad shells and Bing Bang Boom shells.
Black Dragon shells6 beautiful artillery shells made by the best factory in Guangxi.
Crackling Artillery Shells6 Assorted Crackling shells.
Da BombReload kit with 4 double, 4 canister and 2 single shells, all with different effects and huge bursts.