Johnny Lema's Fireworks of Angola Indiana


Manufactured by BROTHERS

AF OneOffers a white tail to crackling with color stars, red & blue stars, red & blue stars with silver glitter. 16 SHOTS
American Spirit24 shot. Red, White and Blue Tail to Red, White and Blue Bouquet; White Tail to Red, White, Blue Stars, Green Tail to Silver Spinner w/ Reports; Crack
Beyond It All/200025 shot. Crackling Dragon Tail to Crackling Bouquet w/ Blue Stars. 10 shot volley to end.
Bling-BlingGreen bling-bling with purple stars and red, blue and white bling-bling. Red and green bouquets with time delay bling-bling and crackling bling-bling.
Blueline BulliesStop them at the blueline with whistling tails to palms, glitter and whistles. 16 SHOTS.
Booming Bobble HeadsBouncy Bobbley green and silver tails to glitter, gold stars with crackling flowers. 16 SHOTS
Call From Outerspace102 shot. Mines and red, green and blue tail with loud series of reports, quickened speed to final 30 simultaneous shots.
Cat5This is a 5-shot-at-a-time show! Silver flying fish; whistling; green tail to silver spinner with whistling and reports; Silver tail to multicolored s
China Dragon19 shot. Silver Flying Fish.
Cowboy Zinger80 shot. Red, Green and Blue Tails Whirling Out w/ Crackling and Reports, then become Silver Spinning Lassos.