Johnny Lema's Fireworks of Angola Indiana


Fountain Type Fireworks

3 American Style ConeA classic firework.
4 American Style ConeA classic firework.
All In One EruptionVery large fountain. Watch the video of the demo shoot - ENJOY!
Bottle of PopLooks like a bootle of pop. NOT for drinking. Sold individually or by the 6-pack. BOGO item. See Watch a video of this product.
CuckooA classic fountain. Look for the Jr. Cuckoo as well.
Dark ScienceThe superstructure gives off gold and silver flowers and crackling stars. The center node emits red and green flares, whistles and rotates.
Gumball RallyYou have to see this one to believe it. Your eyes will sparkle and mouth water as gumball lights dance and sparkle.
Holy MolyThe biggest 200gm fountain in America with beautiful color star lasting over 3 minutes.
Jr. CuckooA classic fountain. Regular size Cuckoo also available.
Killer BeeFountain with crackle and spin.